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Preparing for Orientation

UMBC Entrance

Welcome to the UMBC ELI again. This page guides you through the pre-orientation preparation. Please read carefully and learn to follow ALL steps shown below. 

**NOTE: Please make sure to complete STEP 1 through STEP 3 BEFORE the date of orientation.

If you are not certain about the date and time of the orientation, please contact as soon as possible.

STEP 1: Important check-points**

(1) Did you take a DuoLingo placement test and submit the score to the UMBC ELI?

If you have not taken the test, please read Placement Test and submit your test score to the UMBC ELI.

(2) Did you receive your UMBC ID number?

You need your UMBC ID number for Step 2. If you do not receive it before orientation, please contact immediately.

STEP 2: Create MyUMBC account**

Click to follow How to create MyUMBC account.

STEP 3: Complete paperwork**

(1) Watch the following video presentation. These include introduction information, immigration information, how to use myUMBC, UMBC’s online platform for emails, classes, billing, and more. 

(2) Fill out the following forms by downloading from:

Download Forms From UMBC BOX

This link includes:

  • Contact Info Photo Release
  • FERPA Form
  • Title IX Acknowledgement Form

(3) When you complete the forms, please upload to:

Upload Forms To UMBC BOX

(4) Take the New Student Survey

STEP 4: Learn how to access your class schedule

You can see your class schedule via your MyUMBC account.  Click to learn How to access your class schedule.

STEP 5: Learn how to use Blackboard

Blackboard is the online instructional system used at the UMBC.  Click to learn How to use Blackboard.

STEP 6: Learn how to make your payment

You will be asked to pay tuition during orientation. Click to learn How to make a payment online.


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