Campus Housing

ELI students may live in UMBC’s campus housing.  Living on campus is safe, convenient, and an excellent way to meet American students and practice English daily.

UMBC has three types of campus housing.  All housing is furnished and includes internet access and cable television service.

Usually, younger students who finished high school recently will be assigned to a dormitory.


  • Most rooms are doubles (two students sharing a bedroom).
  • Bathrooms are shared.
  • Utilities (electricity, heat, and air conditioning) are included.
  • Students must purchase a meal plan.


  • $3,658 – $3,783 for each four-month semester, plus meal plan (meal plan costs an additional $1,958 – $2,471)


  • All apartments have four single (private) bedrooms.
  • Four students share the bathroom, kitchen and living room.
  • Utilities are not included.
  • Meal plans are not required.


  • $3,783 for each four-month semester

Only older students who have attended a university before will be assigned to WAA.


  • Apartments have one to four private bedrooms.
  • A maximum of two students share each bathroom.
  • Utilities are included.
  • Meal plans are not required.


  • $4,456 – $5,080 for each four-month semester

How to Request Housing

Send your housing application form to  Campus housing is popular, so it is best to apply early.  The ELI will inform you if a room is available. To confirm your room, you must sign an online contract and pay a $200 deposit.

If you start at the ELI in fall or spring, your housing contract ends in May. If you live on campus in  summer, the housing contract is for May to July only. If you cancel the housing or leave before the end of the contract, you will still owe money.

When you live on campus, you will receive a bill at the beginning of each semester for the entire semester’s housing charges.

Meal Plans

If you live in a dormitory, you must purchase a meal plan with a minimum of 10 meals per week.  You will receive a bill for your meal plan at the beginning of each semester ($1,958 – $2,471).

UMBC has more than 10 cafeterias and restaurants on campus.  HalalKoshervegetarian/vegan, and allergy-safe foods are available.

*Please note that all costs are subject to change.  There will be additional charges to live on campus during breaks and holidays and for meals during the January vacation.